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The main objectives of this task are to :

  1. Generate multiple projections (at three different time horizons : present-day, near and far future) of our chosen bio-technical indicators, based on a) different climate models, b) different socio-economic scenarios, c) two global vegetation models. Those will be carried out for France at rather high spatial resolution (8kms) and for Europe at lower resolution (50kms ; see details in Task 3.3.).
  2. Evaluate how combined changes in climate and land-uses (see Task 4.4) will affect the availability of water. This will be analysed for 2 major French hydrological basins (the Seine and the Rhin ; Task 3.4.).
  3. Make a probabilistic and regional assessment of risks and opportunities for the various anthropogenic ecosystems considered (crops, grassland, forests). Can we identify any 'hot spots' (Task 3.5.) ?
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