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Project Management :

The project steering committee (SC) will be formed by the principal investigators of the project (Nadine Brisson, INRA-AGROCLIM; Gianni Bellocchi, INRA-UREP; David Makowski, INRA-Agronomie; Pierre-Alain Jayet INRA-Eco-Pub; Denis Loustau, INRA-EPHYSE; Franck Lecocq, Jean-Daniel Bontemps, INRA-LEF/LERFoB; Florence Habets, CNRS-SISYPHE; Jean-Christophe Calvet, Meteo-France-CNRM), and subcontractors (Laurent Terray, CERFACS; Pascal Viennot, Mines-Paristech). We will seek for one or two international collaborators at the start of the project, as well as for one or two representative of the stakeholders community. All decisions will be taken jointly within the SC. Task 1 will be dedicated to:

  1. Organization of meetings Kick off meeting: two-days workshop (Paris) with all project partners. Organization of a multi-disciplinary workshop on the issue “Convergence between large scale surface model and anthropic systems through indicators” in the view of the IPCC AR5 . International meeting at the end of the 3rd year of the project to present our results to stakeholders and potential future international collaborators. This meeting should help better refine our assessments during the 4th year of the project.
  2. Coordination of project logistics Task 1 will coordinate project logistics and subcontracting for getting all relevant datasets and modelling protocols. Task 1 will also organize the travel for keynote speakers for meetings.
  3. Monitoring of project progress and reporting Tele conferences (email, phone and/or videoconferences) will be organized with a time step of three months between project partners. Semestrial/Annual reports will be sent to ANR on request. Annual project meetings will be organized each year. Abstracts for conferences and for papers to be submitted will be circulated to the project members at least two weeks before submission so that internal feedbacks can be provided.
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