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Articles utiles à lire pour toute discussion / transferts vers les porteurs d'enjeux

Specificities of climate modeling research and the challenges in communicating to users: bams-d-13-00004_2e1.pdf

Towards a dedicated impact portal to bridge the gap between the impact and climate communities: Lessons from use cases: deandreis_et_al_climaticchange_2014.pdf

Reasoning about climate uncertainty: curry_reasoning_about_climate_uncertainty.pdf

Communication of the role of natural variability in future North America Climate: deser_etal_natclimchge.2012.pdf

Global environmental change III: closing the gap between knowledge and action: obrien_2013_pihg.pdf

The gap between simulation and understanding in climate modelling: held_bullamermeteosoc-2005.pdf

Communicating the science of climate change: somerville-hassol-physics-today-2011.pdf

A need for actionable climate science and information: asrar_etal_bams.2013.pdf

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